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Friday, October 14, 2022

TGROC's Holiday Celebrations 2022!

  Another Grand TGROC Family Holiday Event!!! 

       This is TGROC's second in-person event after the excruciating Pandemic break. The event was out of the ordinary TGROC events, as it was organized in a Hall rather than an auditorium. But that didn't stop our family members in performing dances, songs and instrumental performances. 

                Another key item to note about this event is, this event was organized by 8-12 graders of our TGROC family. Younger generation enthusiastically got involved in all activities like Event Committee, Food and Decoration committee and Social media. Whether it is periodically meeting to discuss the progress, or frequently posting in WhatsApp groups, shopping for supplies, organizing a Kahoot game and last but not the least, MCing the event, the younger generation didn't lose interest and were full of energy and made the event a grand success. 

   Could only Capture part of our crowd.. As a few left before Our Final Click! 


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