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About Aathichudi Arunthamizh Palli

Aathichudi Arunthamizh Palli

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Tamil Class Information

The Tamils of Greater Rochester(TGROC) initiated the Aathichudi Arunthamizh Palli(AAP) in 2017 for giving an opportunity for learning the Classical Tamil Language and its culture for Tamil Kids. We have classes in 2 locations Pittsford and Webster for the convenience of Kids. We also run an ATA affiliated program for kids moving out to other states within US and a Non ATA program for kids who are intererested in an Easy learning methods without any Exam pressure. We are successfully stepping into the 6th year in to AAP. We have dedicated and talented teacher volunteers who spend quality time each week to teach our Language and culture to our kids.

ATA Affliated Program:

This Program is to teach Tamil language, culture and General knowledge about history of Tamil Origin, Poets, Leaders etc. American Tamil Academy is a NGO that has affiliated Tamil Schools across the US. Kids will be attending weekly lessons in the ATA syllabus. In addition to the ATA Syllabus we also emphasize spoken and reading Tamil. Kids can continue in any ATA Schools if they move to a different location in the US.

Non-ATA Program:

  This is an unconventional method for learning Tamil. We have 2 levels Non-ATA Classes. One is for young kids ages 4-12 focusing, spoken language, Easy writing with no exams. And the other is for Ages 12-20 focusing on Learning Tamil history, culture, Personality development etc through presentations, Debates and other high level activities.


The Fee for Tamil School for the Year 2022-2023 is a total of $90 per year  (Mazhalai - Nilai 8) and $80 per year for Mun Mazhalai.  This is like a free Tamil School. As the Fee Collected is used for below purposes.

        $35 – Book Fees that will be sent to ATA.  

               $35 – One Time Registration fees per Annum

  • Classroom supplies (markers, Printouts, QP printouts etc)

  • Occasional classroom treats & rewards

  • Teacher Appreciation 

               $20 – Class fee(One time per year as well)

  • This will be used to cover the cost of field trips with snacks and any snacks, classroom events and kids gifts during the school year. 


***TGROC does not profit from any fee collected, all the amount is used for the Kids notebooks,accesories, Classroom needs and teacher appreciation gifts. If any amount remaining will be donated to a good cause in Tamil Nadu or in  Rochester Local Charity.


Enrollment Link : 2022-23


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